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The future of robotics in architecture

How software and hardware robotics in construction and architecture are paving the way to a sci-fi-looking future.

Browsing the web, I stumbled upon these few cool current uses of robotics in construction and architecture:

  1. On-site construction work. For example, drones can now easily transport materials at high altitudes. 3D printing houses need no elaboration either.
  2. Creating accurate models of the final design and testing materials.
  3. Achieving sustainability as machines integrated into buildings can control and manage HVAC systems.

With this already achieved, research is ongoing to hit new hights of using robotics in architecture, such as:

  1. Construction in uninhabitable environments (Here’s a hint: Mars)
  2. Developing smart buildings (imagine your house changing its structure as weather changes)
  3. Advancements in design (AI indeed is becoming creative)

With the speed of development of robotics and the expansion of its use, we can safely say we can expect the creativity, pace, and methods of construction to ramp up significantly.

Not to be outdone by the sci-fi movies, I feel the future will present us with far more imaginative and entirely new designs and structures.

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By Aleksandar Đorđević

I am an automation professional and enthusiast, living and working in London.
Helping organisations use automation safely, effectively, and responsibly is what I enjoy doing. I promote responsibly using technology to rehumanise the future.