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5 ways to reduce workplace stress with automation

A quick read with 5 examples on how smart use of software can alleviate some of the workplace stress factors.

Workplace stress is one of the leading causes for people leaving their jobs and the drop in employee productivity; businesses in the US alone lose up to $300 billion in annual revenue due to this.

Managing work can help reduce stress and automation along with AI can help in reducing this burden for employees.

5 ways in which automation can help reduce workplace stress

  1. Fewer Chances Of Human Error: Automation enables employees to schedule their work, set reminders, and auto-check for errors.
  2. Freedom To Work More Openly: Workflow automation can help employees and employers work more freely by clearly outlining responsibilities and streamlining communication by sending both notifications as and when needed.
  3. Increased Workflow Organization: Integrating all your workflows can help create single view access and streamline the workflow processes for people across teams.
  4. Making Repetitive Tasks Redundant: Automating repetitive tasks like filling up reports, scheduling meetings, or sending emails that can be templatized can help free up a lot of time for your employees.
  5. Providing Round The Clock Care With AI: Therapeutic AI chatbots can help employees explore their mental health in a safe space and with discretion.

Source: How AI & Automation Can Help Reduce Workplace Stress

An original thought leadership paper on managing workplace stress with automation is available as a free read here.

By Aleksandar Đorđević

I am an automation professional and enthusiast, living and working in London.
Helping organisations use automation safely, effectively, and responsibly is what I enjoy doing. I promote responsibly using technology to rehumanise the future.