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IT Leadership lessons from the pandemic

3 lessons on how to aid your teams during the pandemic.

1. Showing you care matters

  • Implement more regular one-on-one check-ins with my team members, focusing on their and their family members’ well-being.
  • give employees the flexibility to schedule workouts (or any other activities that may help relieve stress) during the workday.
  • more virtual team-building calls to maintain camaraderie and morale among employees and to help foster a sense of normalcy despite what we’re all going through.
  • By being more aware of each individual employee’s circumstances at home and accommodating their needs, one can build a genuine rapport with team members while also enabling a better work-life balance.

2. Agility starts with good communication

  • To overcome resistance to transformation, address the vision to team members individually. Clearly lay out why you’re making the changes, how these changes will lead to the company’s success.
  • Place a heavy emphasis on inclusivity: The more you involve your team from the onset, the smoother the journey will go.

3. Trust leads to greater productivity

Take a calculated chance by delegating higher levels of responsibilities to your teams. It will drive accountability, inclusivity, and buy-in. They will be exposed to more leadership and management roles and have a greater hand in the day-to-day operations. It will also enable them with a different perspective on the business as they gain experience and grow in their roles.

Source: IT leadership: What the pandemic taught me about balance, agility, and trust

By Aleksandar Đorđević

I am an automation professional and enthusiast, living and working in London.
Helping organisations use automation safely, effectively, and responsibly is what I enjoy doing. I promote responsibly using technology to rehumanise the future.