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Digital transformation: 4 strategy questions to ask

Comms, Champs, Skills and Success: Key strategic questions on Digital Transformation.

A recent survey by Capgemini of over 1,000 large enterprises found that 67 percent are actively exploring and experimenting with new ideas regarding digital tools, compared to only 35 percent in 2018.

Even the best enterprise tool is only as effective as how it’s used, so any digital transformation strategy must prioritize the user experience first, followed by an assessment of the relevant tools and capabilities. If you want to make sure your digital transformation efforts are setting you up for long-term success, here are four questions to examine.

1. Are our change management communications effective?

When change initiatives fail, a major cause is an unclear or ineffective communication. Employees are now required to juggle dozens of communications tools, including email, Slack, Zoom, and a slew of other SaaS applications, to collaborate with their coworkers and access the information they need to do their jobs.

Change management communication should be concise, goal-oriented, and user-focused. Every impacted employee should understand how digital transformation efforts will affect them and make their lives easier.

2. Who will be our internal champions?

Internal buy-in is the most important aspect of any digital transformation and adoption strategy, and the easiest way to help promote that is to identify internal champions including the executive team.

3. How will we train our internal teams effectively?

Training teams on new processes and tools is easier said than done. It’s important to find a better way to train, not just to ensure that digital transformation is successful and to make sure training really sinks in, but also to make sure your employees feel supported.

In addition to building an implementation plan, make sure that you’re designing an ongoing learning roadmap that includes helpful, comprehensive onboarding for new employees as well as ongoing learning and training for existing employees.

4. How will we measure success?

Finally, be sure to set measurable, attainable goals around your digital transformation strategy.

Every new digital process should have some associated metric attached to its use, whether that’s through the use of built-in analytics native to the application or by leveraging third-party tools.

Source: Digital transformation: 4 strategy questions to ask

By Aleksandar Đorđević

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